• Elon Musk’s Ontario airport tunnel project moves to next phase
      Elon Musk and San Bernardino County’s transportation agency began exclusive negotiations this week on construction of an underground [...]
  • Rowing Between Two Reefs: Indonesia’s Infrastructure Investment Strategy
    Jakarta has sought to engage with any foreign government willing to support its domestic development agenda. Last year, Indonesia-U.S. relations saw [...]
TerraFrame  has a history of building innovative data management and visualization software to solve hard industry problems.  

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  • Traffic flows along interchanges that link Interstates 495 and 270 in 2018 in in Bethesda.
    The science is clear: Highway expansion doesn’t solve traffic congestion. Wider roads mean more drivers. Expanding our highways traps us in our cars, increases harmful air pollution and destroys our environment. Among the wasteful highway [...]

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