• Hawaiʻi’s Future Liabilities are Expected to Cost $88 Billion
    $88 Billion is the estimated liabilities for state and local governments over the next 30 years on infrastructure, pensions and climate change. We [...]
  • Danish wind and solar projects edge closer to subsidy-free
    The Danish Energy Agency last week announced the results of its 2019 technology neutral renewable energy tender with the average price dropping so [...]
TerraFrame  has a history of building innovative data management and visualization software to solve hard industry problems.  

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  • Makati City Subway Project expected by year end
    CONSTRUCTION of the Makati City Subway Project (MkTr) in Manila could begin by the end of the year, after receiving an environmental clearance from the Philippines Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR).   The $US 3.5bn [...]

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